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Hello!  As an Accounting Officer for a public company over the past 15 years, our company often needed assistance in getting a project to the next level but the hourly billing rate of accounting firms or multi-layered consulting firms was very expensive and was often difficult to justify even if the end result would potentially have resulted in long term profit realization and operational efficiencies.  When I decided to launch my own consulting firm, I wanted to provide an affordable alternative for companies of all sizes looking to bridge a gap and offer temporary or long-term solutions to realize efficiencies in the areas of accounting, finance and strategic planning to facilitate growth and move your company forward.


I work WITH my clients not just FOR them to understand Financial, Accounting, Strategic Planning Graphictheir goals and objectives — I can offer assistance and expertise in developing a strategy to grow your business in various ways including: revenue growth, expense reduction, target acquisition identification and deal support to closing, working with your company to gain access to capital or other strategies that may be unique to your business and then work with you to implement these strategies and realize your company’s goals. I roll up my sleeves as my goal is to work for your company as if it was my own and for the use of my services to be a worthwhile investment for your company.
The services page provides just an example of services that I provide to help businesses grow in a cost effective manner and bridge either temporary or recurring gaps that you may have in your accounting, finance and operations departments.
For additional details see: Resume

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